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A lighthouse book for others in distress

Nina Palmer has produced an important work that reflects her experience in an abusive relationship that would be of comfort and inspiration to all those going through a similar experience, or those wishing to understand the emotional trials that such a situation invokes. The anthology is cleverly structured around the five stages of grieving with strong pastoral and nature imagery providing the metaphoric foundation throughout the text. My only personal preference was that she had shown a little more diversity in her poetic style, but that does not detract from the overall merit of the book.


It began with a smoldering scent

This is the first poetry book I've ever reviewed, and I was hesitant to do so. Not because of the work but as a poet myself I find it difficult to
"critique " a poem, as poetry is very subjective. That being said, this work is easy to fall in love with. They way Nina has used the earthly images to describe her feelings is on spot. I felt her words and know that each time I read a new piece, I will be able to feel as though I am moving Through the Trees with her.


Fantastic read

So many of these poems hit home through the hurt and sorrow I've endured through my own relationships romantically and friendship wise. The empathetic passages really perked up my spirits knowing that this is normal to go through all these emotions. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone happy or going through a depressing time. One poem or many of them will pull you in and wanting to read more!