The Dawn

June 22, 2017

Everything can seem so much better after a night's rest. A new day full of possibilities is upon you. Every new day is a day you and your loved one can start over fresh. "The Dawn" is an invitation for them to come with you. Today is the day you hope they act on the promises of change. But will they come or remain the same?


How many ways, how many times have you invited change into your relationship? How many days do you awake hopeful that the new beginning is happening? 


The Dawn


The nightfall is lifting behind the trees.

It's another day, another chance to find ease.

Through all the struggle and all the might,

It is washed away by the night.


Yesterdays can be so terribly hard, 

But tomorrow is not that far.

i will live to endure another day, 

And calm water is for all I pray.


perhaps the dawn brings a new light, 

A shimmer of hope that all is right.

Birds will sing and fly on the breeze

And this day could bring such peace.


Will you join this day with me?

Is there any other way you wish to be?

Let us put another day behind,

For there is happiness that we must find.


Walk with me in the marsh at dawn, 

Begin this morn with me before it is gone. 

Rejoice in this glorious new day, 

And tell me that we will be okay.






















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